The spring 2015 wedding season is here

with everything in bloom in Charleston things are looking up once again. More hours of daylight, warmer temps and yes.. More weddings. Here are just a few things to think about to make things more pleasant for those April & May weddings. BUG SPRAY if you aren’t familiar with the cats and noses around here you will be (and you’ll hate them just as much as we do. They can make being outside unbearable in seconds. So, a few cans of bug spray can love the problem. You may not want your family, friends and invited guests (and certainly not your DJ) being terrorized by these little creatures. Deep wood OFF! works wonders but there are other brands that don’t give you the camping feel. Try Skin so soft. I also heard rubbing dryer sheets on you work but i haven’t tried it yet. I’d be happy to try it if someone wants to get married on my “laundry day”


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