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Meet the Team

Here at Ascend Entertainment we always aim to give you the best entertainment experience possible. We believe being the “Life of the Party” requires very special people. That’s why over the years, we have worked hard to hand-select the best of the best. There’s a reason we have been selected for Wedding Wire’s Bride’s Choice Awards and The Knot’s Best of Weddings – Our amazing staff. Meet the team below.


Yes, you knew AJ Snow as Charleston's favorite traffic reporter for almost a decade. Now meet AJ as your favorite entertainer. There's nothing he can't do! With over 20 years experience, he has performed at thousands of events across the country, around the world, in stadiums packed with fans, and even on TV. His style is always imitated but never, ever duplicated. AJ gives 150%...150% of the time.
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DJ AJ Snow

His charm, charisma, and devotion to each and every event make him the most requested entertainer in the Carolinas.
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Brandon joined the Ascend team shortly after his own wedding. He had so much fun he couldn't wait to give back and bring that same level of professionalism and excitment to others on thier wedding day. His past experience in radio and vast knowledge of music made him one of our most popular DJs.

DJ Brandon Ascend Entertainment

Brides and grooms love him because he was exactly where they are now. A rising star in the ranks of Ascend.


A seasoned veteran DJ up and down the east coast. Joe has been on many popular radio stations in Charleston and is an absolute blast on parties. His winning personality (and horrible golf swing) make him a huge hit (no pun intended) all all types of weddings.

DJ Joey Zaza Ascend Entertainment

With fun, class and style DJ Joe can deliver the party with non-stop excitement. Book DJ Joe now!

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This gentile giant is a as big as truck and rocks a party like no one else. A "can do" spirit and need to keep the dance floor full at all times is what drives him. As friendly as they come, Triple B can pull off the amazing at any party.

DJ Triple B Ascend Entertainment

As friendly as they come, Triple B can pull off the amazing at any party. Book DJ Triple B for a guaranteed amazing party.


Ben is known for many talents. A bi-lingual MC, a DJ/VJ and, Latin percussionist. A multifaceted entertainer, he is a huge part of Ascend Entertainment and earns a well deserved place in the hearts of the brides and groom who choose him. Ben has been featured on VH1's "my big friggin' wedding". There is nothing Ben can't handle and his excitement is contagious.

His dynamic personality shines when on the mic and he keeps the party up and dancing as a DJ.  Just watch out and prepare for the time of your life if you get him behind the drums.


Frank is one of the the most talented entertainers you will ever meet. Not only is he capable of rocking your party but his band "Triple Dog Dare" is also a hit for events.

DJ Frank Ascend Entertainment

DJ Frank sings, he spins, and he flat out rocks! Check them out. His band Triple Dog Dare is also available for all types of parties. Contact us now to book DJ Frank and the time of your life!


Chris has been rocking parties since before his days in college. With a degree from MUSC, He's a true "party therapist".

DJ Chris Ascend Entertainment Wedding DJ

Chris loves to play the “throw back classics’  That’s when you’re dancing and you hear that song and you think to yourself ” OH YEAH!  I LOVE THIS SONG!”  Guess what?  You’re dancing to DJ Chris.


Party Motivator & Entertainer

Lindsay has to have fun wherever she goes. Her smile and talents are without compare. She's so much fun to party with, you'll wish the night would never end. A party isn't a party without Lindsay there.

Lindsay Dancer Party Motivator Ascend Entertainment

 Our party motivators and entertainers can really set your party off!  Lindsay is so much fun to party with, you’ll wish the night would never end. A party isn’t a party without Lindsay there, so book now!


Party Motivator & Entertainer

Jackie can be described in 3 words. "Can't-stop-dancing". This is what makes Jackie the superstar entertainer she is.

Our party motivator and entertainer, Jackie is always dancing and loaded with fun.  Her energy is contagious. The dance floor just isn’t the same without her. Book Jackie to tear up the dance floor.


Party Motivator & Entertainer

Mark is a hip hop master! Not only does he teach dance to kids, he lives it.

Mark performs with hip hop groups locally, nationally, and internationally as well.  Marc is currently on his 2nd tour overseas and will soon be back tearing up the dance floor for Ascend.


Party Motivator & Entertainer

Erin is a firecracker. She's explosive on the dance floor. Everyone loves to party and dance with her.

Erin Ascend Entertainment

Want your party to POP? Book our firecracker, Erin. You just don’t know what she’ll do next.  And, you don’t want to miss it.  This is one non-stop energizer bunny!!!

Want to Join Our Team?

You think you got what it takes?  We are ALWAYS on the lookout for talented, motivated, people to join us.  Just shoot us an email for more information info@ascenddj.com.

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Book Ascend Entertainment Now

Ascend Entertainment DJs book quickly throughout the year. Please act quickly to reserve your date.